Open call introduction

      RE-USE is a European project aimed at creating artwork installations on the theme of sustainability related issues, conceived by an international creative team made up of young people from each of the countries involved (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy and Iceland). Three artworks are to be created and installed at three locations: Venice,  Ústí nad Orlicí and in Kopavogur as described below . You can apply for the participation in the Hackhaton until 22 February 2023  by submitting the application  form here.   

Candidates´Application criteria

Each country is to provide for the selection of a multidisciplinary team of 8 young specialists from various fields, 4 of which must be related to the artistic field and 4 to the theoretical / scientific field. The selection will take place at the sole discretion of the Selection Committee. The Committee will be composed by members of the expert panel at project level, completed by external experts. Composition of the Selection Committee will respect gender balance and representation of various disciplines.   

In addition to 4 artists / designers / creatives, the selected group of candidates must be composed of 4 specialists in other fields 
For this reason, and considering the general prerequisites linked to the nature of the RE-USE project, those who fulfil the following requirements can submit their application:  
 - up to 35 years (included) 
 - Czech, Italian, Slovak, Icelandic citizenship or permanent residency in the above countries (also valid for dual citizenship) 
 - a bachelor and / or master's degree.
 - have a good knowledge of English language (at least B2, also self-certified) 
 - have obtained a degree or equivalent qualification (eg. AFAM sector) in one of the following study programmes 

Bachelor's Degrees: Cultural Heritage, Disciplines of Visual Arts, Music, Performing Arts and Fashion (DAMS), 1st Level Academic Diplomas, Industrial Design, Philosophy, Literature, Architectural Sciences, Communication Sciences, Psychological Sciences and Techniques, Sociology, History

Master's Degrees: Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology, Architecture and Building Engineering-Architecture, Design,  2nd level Academic Diplomas, Psychology, Philosophical Sciences, Historical Sciences, Sociology and Social Research, History of Art, Theories of Communication.   

Bachelor's Degrees: Sculpture,  Sculpture - free creation, Art creation, Fine Arts, Architecture and urban design, Architecture, Architecture and Civil Engineering, , Textile technology, materials and nanomaterials, Architectural creation, Architecture - theory and creation, Materials Engineering, Material technology and recycling, Waste management, Waste management and treatment of raw materials, Design, Technology for environmental protection,  Natural Resources and Environment, Sustainable Use of Natural Resources 
Master's Degrees:  Sculpture, Sculpture - free creation, Art creation, Fine Arts  Natural Resources and Environment, Sustainable Use of Natural Resources Architecture and urban design, Architecture, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Architectural creation, Architecture - theory and creation, Materials Engineering, Waste management, Waste management and treatment of raw materials, Design, Technology for environmental protection, 

Iceland: ·       
- Arts (disciplines of visual arts, music, performing arts, design, architecture, architectural engineering etc.) ·        
- Natural sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, environmental sciences etc.) ·       
-  Humanities (culture studies, curatorial studies, art history, philosophy etc.) 

Slovakia: ·       
-  Arts ·        
- Humanities, Social Sciences, Curatorial studies
-  Theory and History of Fine Arts, Theory of Interactive Media, Museology, Curatorial Studies, History, Historical Sociology, Ethnology, Culturology, Aestetics and Culture Studies, Artistic Communication, Journalism 
 - have obtained a degree or equivalent qualification in a foreign institution that is compatible with the above study programmes (each case will be assessed individually based on the presentation of documentation relating to the study path)
  - those who intend to apply as artists and do not have a degree among those indicated above, can still present an application by attaching an artistic portfolio in support of their admission.   

Some of the aspects and principles to be considered during the selection procedure are: 
-         Gender balance 
-         Non-discrimination rules according to the EU values, equality principles treatment 
-         Support of candidates from disadvantaged environment 
-         Active interest in sustainability related issues 

Selected candidates must be available to participate in a 3-4 day hackathon  held in Prague from 17 April 2023 (travel and accommodation expenses to be covered by the organisers).

Selected candidates will participate in the hackathon together with other selected candidates from other participating countries. On site, eight interdisciplinary teams by 4 members will be composed of 2 artists and 2 specialists from other disciplines, respecting also the diversity in geographical coverage.

Each international multidisciplinary team will create three artwork proposals for location in Italy, Czechia and Iceland according to the Specifications presented to the teams. Winning teams (three selected artworks projects) will continue to work on the creation and installation of the artworks during the period from May to October 2023.   

Candidate´s Application form is predefined and can be found here. The content of specific items will be adjusted according to the specificities of each country, but it general the form must be the same for all participating countries.   Applications must be sent by 22 February 2023 at the latest to the following email addresses:

Each application email must attach the application form (completed in all its parts), the curriculum vitae in standard EU format (in national language and English), a short motivational letter ( in national language   and English, max. 500 types) and the artistic portfolio of the candidate (if necessary).
The results will be communicated on the project website ( and the selected candidates will be contacted at the email address indicated in the application form.  

Apply here.