RE - USE Project

International multidisciplinary approach in art creation

Project abstract: 

  Young talents in visual art - sculpture do not have sufficient support and conditions for their creation, be it in terms of new opportunities for creation in public space or access to material and technical facilities, due to high costs related to sculpture creation. In reaction to this situation, the main aim of the project RE-USE „Role of Visual - Sculpture Art Creation in the Context of Sustainable Behaviour“  implemented by three partners from Czechia, Italy, Slovakia, and in cooperation with Iceland is to foster art creation of young talents in order to help them to develop their career in full respect of their creative talent and ambitions.   The objective of the project is first to provide support to young talents in their career helping to tackle the obstacles on the labour market. It introduces innovative approaches and stimulates international multidisciplinary co-creation, by connecting talents and experts from other disciplines. Second, in the context of the call´s priorities the project addresses the topic of sustainable behaviour of young talents. Third, general public as the audience of visual art in open space will be approached by the theme of the climate change consequences in the area they live in and beyond through the topic of sustainable clothing. Created artworks will serve as a medium with a potential to boost a behavioural change.  
The entire project is co-financed by the European Union as part of the Creative Europe Programme.   
Main themes the project aims to address:  
  •  Impact of climate change on the environment (nature and cities) 
  •  Nature and Art - transdisciplinary approach towards artistic and research practice 
  •  Climate change and mass tourism 
  • Sustainable textile industry 
  • Importance of culture and artistic life in cities, identity of cities 
  • Sustainable behaviour in daily life of everyone
Project timeline
1.9.2022 Project start date
17.10. - 19.10. 2022Expert panel meeting in Bratislava
January 2023Publication of the "Open call" for young talents
February 2023Selection of candidates to participate in hackhaton in Prague
March 2023Online training course on new materials
April 2023Hackathon in Prague 32 participants from 4 countries ( 17.4. - 21.4.)
June 2023Creating a 3D model
July 2023Production (providing the required material for creation...)
September 2023Creation of artworks
October 2023Installation of artworks
December 2023Presentation of the sustainability of the textile industry
June 2024T-shirt story presentation
July 2024International presentation of the project
August 2024Project completion